Bartle Banter – Autumn Newsletter

Bartle Banter – Autumn Newsletter

Here is our latest newsletter – the Bartle Banter Autumn 2016 edition.



  • FNQ Community Exchange
  • New Logo
  • Admin report
  • Statistics
  • LETS community news & updates
  • Celebrating 25 years of Trading in FNQ
  • Lyn and Reece’s AUS Adventures
  • Newsletter Deadlines
  • Money on the side
  • Workshop wish list
  • Savings pool
  • Are you a Zero Hero
  • New Drupal Software for CES Website Update
  • LETS Hubs and LACs
  • FNQ Community Exchange User Agreement
  • A LETS Fairy Tale
  • Workshop Detoxify your Body
  • Local Drop Off Points
  • Find a trade event near you
  • LETS Admin meeting report
  • Workshop felt making
  • Anti Inflammatory Egg and Zucchini Fritters
  • LETS Book Lending Library


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