Bartle Banter – Winter Newsletter

Bartle Banter – Winter Newsletter

Here is our latest newsletter – the Bartle Banter Winter 2018.



  • Pamper Day Bliss
  • 10 Years FNQ Community Exchange in Review
  • How to apply for a FNQ Community Exchange account
  • Contacts
  • Admin Report
  • Statistics
  • LETS community news & updates
  • BrisLETS
  • Global
  • Balanced trading
  • CES on Smartphone
  • NENA National Conference
  • Browsing the Offerings and Wants
  • After trading
  • Mugs, Tables, Urn
  • Annual levy
  • Markets Signage
  • Irene’s  Cloth stall in Ravenshoe
  • Spring LETStravaganza
  • Our Exchange – Local Area Contacts
  • NENQ Symposium – Magnetic Island July 2018
  • General Pointers to remind all traders
  • ECO Fiesta
  • LETS – Co-creating Community cont
  • Raffle
  • What are the most practical or useful things you’ve spent your Bartles on?
  • A Local Peace Community
  • Two ways that LETS is helping us reduce our food and fodder costs
  • Trade Events
  • Will LETS really make much of a difference to my everyday budget?
  • Local Drop Off Points
  • LETS Book Lending Library
  • Mini Trade Sheets
  • FNQ Community Exchange User Agreement
  • FNQ Community Exchange Application Form


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