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FNQ Community Exchange Local

Details about Trade Events and other meetings can be found here.

Event Calendar

There are trade events every week across Far North Queensland. Is there one near you?

Make A Difference

Keen to make a difference to the weekly budget?  Participate in FNQ Community Exchange!

Upcoming Events


Julatten Fairmarket – Geraghty Park Hall

At Julatten Fairmarket –  Geraghty Park Hall Sunday July 21st 2pm-5pm  ‘The Broken Eggs Kitchen’ has food and drinks made by Reis-Tonks Family. For LETS members there will be option to purchase of food for Bartles. There will also be a LETS stall with info and goods hosted by Chelsey Reis and Lyn Gore and possibly some visiting members from another exchange. Please contact

Cairns/Northern Beaches Trade Event

Cairns/Northern Beaches Trade Event Sunday 28thth July 9.30am-12noon Goomboora Park, Brinsmead – Tables next to main carpark. New members welcome! Please bring items to trade or details of services you are offering. Please bring plate of food to share. Look forward to seeing everyone there!  LETS come together! Contact Maria Baird TBCE0272 for information

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