Event: Working Bee @ The Frog Hospital, Mission Beach Area


2 Working Bees Days:  Saturday May 15th & Sunday May 30th 

Event Host:

Deborah: admin@frogsafe.org.au

Event Location

Carmoo / Mission Beach. Contact host for directions.

Event Date:

Saturday 15th &

Sunday, 30th

Event Times

Starting Time: 9am

About The Event

The frog hospital (run by Frog Safe, Inc.) has been receiving sick and injured frogs since August 1998. Over 3,200 adult/sub-adult frogs have been turned in with all sorts of diseases and injuries plus hundreds of thou-sands of tadpole rescues. But the President’s extensive experience with frog conditions means that she is called upon regularly to assist with cases all around the country plus some overseas countries!

Now that the group is on acreage, they are working on cleaning up the invasive weeds and planting cassowary food plants. But they still need a lot of help with the ground’s cleanup. If tree planting isn’t your ‘bag’, there is also easy washing up of small items and buckets. Even housecleaning would be great since the President just doesn’t have the time and is allergic to dust.

A suggestion is for a small group to carpool together to come and give a hand. A veggie/vegan lunch will be supplied. Beautiful Mission Beach is known for its many beaches so you can spend some time on the beach once the working bee is finished.

Participants can be paid in books/dvd’s or bartles (25B per hour of work)

Contact Deborah at email: admin@frogsafe.org.au to RSVP and an info sheet will be sent back to you with directions and useful info for the day.