March 2023 Calendar

March 2023 Calendar

March 2023 Calendar

Cairns – Host – Ilona Heindl TBCE0418  

Saturday 18th March

Having a stall (not a lets event)

At ‘Your Wardrobe’ event Fred Moule Pavilion (Showgrounds) Cairns

Clothes will be offered half Bartles half Cash, mention your LETS membership




Atherton -Host – Mary & Mathieu Lucker TBCE0032  

Saturday 25th  March – 12noon – 4pm

Trade Event

4 Quinn Close Atherton off Golf Links Rd


What to bring to Trade Events where not specified above:

Food/Drinks for yourself or to share, money at some venues (though 100% Bartles is encouraged), friends, Trading Record Sheet and pen or smart phone to enter trades directly, any goods you wish to trade, table/rug to display them and chair at some venues, promotional material of any service you are offering if applicable, $20 if you don’t yet have an FNQ CES account (one-off fee). Contact us if you are unsure about anything!

Do you want to host a workshop, working bee, trade event, film night, market stall, or other Community Exchange event? Contact us soon to discuss the possibilities!

Deadline for next month’s calendar is 15th of March

Details to to be included in Calendar, Website, Facebook and other promotions


Events should be submitted by 15th of each month to be included in the following month.

Contact Lou TBCE0010 or email below

Send event details to us by Email.




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