LETS and the Everyday Budget

LETS and the Everyday Budget

Will LETS really make much of a difference to my everyday budget?

If you want it to – YES!

In my experience, LETS has helped expand my family’s household budget in many ways. Here are some of the goods and services we’ve purchased for Bartles…
Organic food items from others’ bulk buys, fresh produce, frozen meals, preserves, dried herbs, spices and teas, pizzas, café vouchers, cordial, sauces, take-away, cheeses, starter cultures for fermented foods, cooking workshops and lessons, supplements, bulk honey, home baked goodies, dog food, mead, and many (free!) shared meals in good company.
Various items of clothing (often brand new), mending and alterations, accessories, shopping bags, backpacks and other luggage, hand knitted & crocheted items, shoes, gumboots and more for all members of the family.
Soap, laundry detergent, cleaning products, essential oils, beeswax, appliances, various furniture – indoor and outdoor, cleaning, repairs, pressure cooker, frypan, lots of camping gear, loofahs, knitted washcloths and dishcloths, linen including blankets, jars and food storage buckets, vacola and dehydrator items, Tupperware, tiles, phone credit for mobile, candles, candle holders, delivery of items and other local errands, a mosaic in my bathroom.
Greeting cards, gift cards, soap, crystals, art, jewellery, handmade clothing and bags, fair-trade felt products and more…
Garden & Farm
Fertile eggs, part-payment for a cow, a new rooster, materials for fencing and garden building, roofing iron for sheds, cuttings, seeds, seedlings, plants, trees, farrier, garden labour, bamboo, many workshops, homeopathy for animals, chicks, aquarium fish, timber for building, firewood for heating and cooking, supplements for animals and garden, horse float hire, numerous tools, farm sitting, new rooster, tyres, pavers, beekeeping equipment, water pump…
DVDs, CDs, books, toys, horse riding, fancy dress costume hire, bicycles, rollerblades, scooters, film nights, yoga classes, yarn, fleece and fabric for crafting, Playstation 3 and games, laptop, DVD player, workshops, tickets to local attractions, friendships (free!)
DVDs, books, Italian lessons, games, art classes, art supplies, craft workshops, advice.

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