Sound Immersion Ravenshoe

Sound immersion

Saturday 10 February

Contact member Maia TBCE1147

Special Chinese New Year’s Day Event
Saturday February 10, 2024 at 1.15pm
QCWA, 15 Herbert St, Ravenshoe

$5 cash (for CWA) and 15 bartles.
Maximum 5 spots available for lets members (due to hall size and non-lets bookings)

Celebrating the year of the dragon! In this unique, blissful sound alchemy experience, profound stillness and beauty soothe the soul and speak to the heart. Deeply meditative, restorative, transformative and uplifting!

At the deepest cellular level, the body can rest in the power of sound and sound’s capacity to still the mind, dissolve stress, uplift the spirit and bring us back into alignment with our natural core state of wellbeing.

“It was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. It was so pure and from the heart. I have honestly never experienced anything so powerful.” Robin Oliphant

“What a wonderful experience! I’m still floating blissfully away now. I went on such an amazing journey throughout the whole evening, wonderful sounds that danced deep within. Thank you.” Carley Bourne

25% profits to QCWA Ravenshoe
Enquire directly to Maia, do not book online


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